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There are many resources (The Reader, Newcity, Chicagoshowcal) to help you find out what concerts are happening in Chicago, what exhibitions are super exciting — but there isn't anywhere that you can go to gain inside access and context around these experiences. We’re not just going to tell you what's going on, we’re going to think about the best way to experience it and then curate an amazing group of people for you to experience it with. 

  • You want to see the newest show at the MCA? Awesome! With EarlyWork, you will have a built in group to go with and you’ll get to learn about the show directly from the curator. 
  • Curious about the new Ramova theater in Bridgeport? Find new music heads to catch a show with and grab a drink with the owners before the show–they’re members too!  
  • You’ve always wanted to go to Mexico City? Mariane Ibrahim is one of our favorite galleries in Chicago and it just so happens that they have a location in Mexico City too… they might just be our guides to Mexico City when we go there for Zona Maco (the biggest contemporary art fair in Mexico) next year. 

With EarlyWork, there’s no more standing in front of a painting and nodding your head pretending you know what’s happening. We got you. No stupid questions here. 

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